Our Vision

Circle‑Free helps organizations with their blockchain or decentralized projects by educating, designing, building, and maintaining. By offloading the risks and costs involved with keeping current with non-standard, complicated, and constantly changing blockchain concepts, an organization can focus on it's core products. At Circle‑Free, we live and breathe blockchain as much as you live and breathe your business.


We love building useful decentralized platforms and applications that are free-to-use and open-sourced. In order to fund the development of these projects, we help other organizations with theirs. This results in a winning outcome for everyone, especially the end-users.

Who We Are

We are an experienced group of software developers that build robust solutions leveraging cryptography and distributed systems, including blockchains. We build key management systems, dapps with smart contracts, and both on and off-chain solutions. We have solid and in-depth experience with major public blockchains (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, etc), as well as enterprise platforms (i.e. Corda, Hyperledger). We are passionate about blockchain technology and decentralization, and expand our knowledge every single day.

Michael De Luca

Blockchain Architect

Stephanie Huynh

Blockchain Developer

Sammy Liu

Blockchain Developer

Richard Pringle

Development Operations

Our Services

From education, where knowledge can help shape crtical strategy, to proofs of concepts or prototypes, where turnaround time is of utmost importance, to systems handling digitized financial assets, where security is imperative, we can help you realize your vision.


We provide the knowledge you need to better position and shape your product within the space. From introductory concepts, to cutting-edge developments, we're an open book.


Solution Design

We work with you to understand your so we can archit a solution that makes sense, while ensuring your goals aren't compromised.



Once we have a workable and vetted design, we will prototype and develop the solution through an iterative and agile process. We also build and deliver rigerous unit and integration test suites with all of our solutions.



We can help keep the lights on by monitoring and upgrading systems we build or deploy. We can also help you keep up with rapidly evolving blockchain platforms by providing upgrades and, at your request, additional functionality to leverage more recent advanacments or standards.

Want to work with us?

If you're in need of blockchain consulting and/or software development services, email us and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
(We're also open to open-source collaborations!)